The logo created for the needs of the “WIERZBUŚ” Foundation, which supports people suffering from cancer and their families. Its patron is Bartek Wierzbicki, who died of malignant cancer at the age of 13. The inscription “WIERZBUŚ” below the logo uses authentic letters written by Bartek and combined by the author of the logo to form this word. The tree is a symbol of life, renewal, hope. The upper heart-shaped part of the logo is a symbol of love, at the same time referring to the fact that the Foundation’s patron lived thanks to a heart transplantation. In the center of the logo there is an authentic figure of Bartek. His hands are arranged in an open gesture of joy, celebration of life and sharing with others. The colors used are green and red – two of Bartek’s favorite. In addition to the green leaves (teaming with life), there are also red leaves symbolizing fruits which can also be associated with blood drops, which the figure shown in the logo ‘shares’ with people in need.

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