The logo created for the competition involving designing the logo of the “Great Tournament of Tenors”, organized by the Castle Opera in Szczecin. The “Great Tournament of Tenors” is an international duel for the best voice among the participating tenors. The logo I have designed was in the top three of the top-rated projects.

Leitmotif for the creation of the logo of the “Great Tournament of Tenors” was a rose, which was to symbolize the method of announcing the winner of the tournament, which consists of them being given a rose.

The symbol of the rose creates an acronym – the first letters of the abbreviation of the “Great Tournament of Tenors”, i.e. “WTT” [Wielki Turniej Tenorów]. The center of the logo, which is formed by the letters “TT” is of a dynamic character, which is intended to symbolize competition between the tenors participating in the tournament.

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